Model 28 - The Ladybug - Shovel


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Length: 28" 1/4". Step: 6", Throat: 4" Blade Width: 4" 1/2, Blade: 9" Long, With foodpads on the shovel 7" 1/4 in across. 


This is a new tool, designed by Pamela Lesche in 2017. The Ladybug is a very versatile tool. Used for metal detecting, prospecting, nursery work, gardening, landscaping, post hole digging, and a sprinkler shovel. Also great for golf course work.

More details on the Ladybug below the video. 

Light-weight 2 1/2 LBS - The Strongest tool in a compact size. New blade design for ground penetration, and scooping soil; gets into tight corners. Easy to carry. Has hole placement for two footpads for added comfort, sold separately. Also can fit our green shovel sheath, sold separately. 

Has a dish-shaped blade for better soil removal