Model 31 (C) - Raptor - Digging Tool


$ 59.95 


The Raptor is a Great all around digging tool. With a nice cushion off set handle that keeps your fingers out of the dirt. With the dish shape body on the blade you can move a good amount of soil, At hunt digs this is a must have, and they are super great to have gardening. This is one of the first tools Pam goes for when putting in new plants. Super Strong and made to last for many years. I personally have used this tool from Hunts in Virginia to the beaches of New Jersey They are just plain great to dig with.

They are made from Chrome- moly 4130 air craft Quality steel heat treated and then temper to make them super strong. Quality is the word you would use with this tool.

Dimensions 14" long weight 16 oz. with a Cadora sheath The blade is 3 1/2" at the widest point and 8" long All shipping done by US Mail

Handle Specifications
Length: STD
Type: GRIP
Color: Orange
Finish: Paint
Purchase Information
Weight - 19 Ounces