Model 77 - Little MAC - Mini-Shovel


$ 49.65 $ 59.95


Mighty And Compact, designed in 2017

The Little MAC is a multi-purpose, versatile, and easy to carry digging tool; fits in a backpack. It is a specialty blade made for easily removing large amounts of soil and dirt. It easily penetrates the ground.

Weighing at only 2.4 lbs, Little MAC is great for metal detecting, nursery work, prospecting, gardening, and landscaping. Makes a great camping shovel. It has a dish-shaped blade for better scooping.

Dimensions under the video.


This tool does not have fittings for footpads.

The overall length is 18"

Handle to blade is 9"

The blade at the widest point is 4 1/2"

The length of the blade is 9"

Mailing weight is 3lbs