Model 75 (C) - Crusader - Digging Tool


$ 84.95 


This tool is made by the original tooling that made it famous - all to ensure quality like no other. {NEW} each of the model 75 now have a Compass under the water tight screw cap making this the best Survival digging tool you will ever own.These are made from only the finest select digging tools to become the Predatortools model 75. The model 85 and 75 were Designed for Digging with Surgical Precision. “The Digging Tool” is a heavy sharpened trowel with one edge sawtoothed for root cutting and a large handguard for user safety.These tools are made for 4130 Chrome-moly Virgin Steel, Aircraft Quality Heat Treated and Temper for Super Strength. You will get many Years of Service with the M-75

They have been used Worldwide, from Gardening, Metal Detecting, Nursery, Landscaping, Under Ground Rescue,Military, Survival

These are the Best all around Hand Digging Tool ever Made. Quality, Strenght, Light weight , Original, Compass Rating are as follows
The operating temperature ranges from negative 10 degrees F to positive 110 degrees F. Water resistant to 30 feet.

More on the Model 75C below the video.

Unlike the model 85, this model comes with a cushion grip and is 1 1/2" longer than a standard digging tool. Additionally, this tool also has a waterproof compartment in the handle. The entire tool is precision machined metal for years of durable and reliable use.

Handle Specifications
Length: STD
Type: GRIP cushion
Color: Natural
Finish: Clear Coat
Purchase Information
Weight - 16 Ounces