Model 25 - Raven - Shovel


$ 97.95 


This is a New Digging Tool from Predatortools: Developed in 2011.
This is a great digging tool for metal detecting, relic hunting, gardening, nursery,
landscaping, and rescue work.

More on The Raven below the video. 

It is a great tool for making clean-cut ground plugs. It tears right through
the thickest of roots.  With its doubled-serrated edge, and concave design, no roots can get in the way of this Raven. A great tool for relic hunters or for anyone else who needs a quality based digging tool.

The Blade is Chrome-Molly 4130 Aircraft quality steel that has been heat
treated and tempered, (one at a time) to give our customers nothing less
than the best and strongest digging tools ever made.

Dimensions -

40 1/3" Long 

Width of Blade 4 1/3"

Length of Blade 11 1/2"

Hilt Across 7 1/2" 

Weight - 51 Ounces 



Handle Specifications
Length: STD
Type: T
Color: Black
Finish: Paint
Weight - 51 Ounces