Shipping Rates Update (West Coast, HI & AK)

Hello, everyone!

We just wanted to let you all know that there has been some updates to shipping rates for some regions in the west coast, and also for Alaska and Hawai'i.

Due to the increase in prices, some regions may have a more significant increase than others, and most of these are because of the size of the boxes we have to ship out to those areas. 

More specifically, for areas such as Alaska and Hawai'i, we have shipping rates available for up to a certain weight (such as ordering a Model 95 Big Red now known as Big Blue) because the cost difference of mailing is such a high variety. 

If you are in Alaska or Hawai'i and wish to order multiple tools (big or small), please call us so we can give you an accurate shipping rate to ensure we don't overcharge you!

Thank you all so much for your dedication to our business and our high quality tools!

Happy digging!

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