Calling All Diggers!

Hey there, Diggers!

Boy, do we have some BIG news for you all!

We've not developed one, two, but THREE new shovels for all your digging needs!

On top of it, you asked for it and we heard you loud and clear! 

Back by popular demand, we are reintroducing the ball-handled Model 41 RICHMOND SHOVEL! You can check that out here:

Of our new shovels, first, we've got Model 64 The Commander! It features a T-handle in our signature blue paint, along with a short, but wide blade! You can check it out here:

Next, we've got a smaller version of the Commander; Model 59 The General! This shovel also features the T-handle in blue with the same type of blade. You can check this shovel out here:

Our third new shovel is Model 59(B) The Pioneer. It's painted in a tan matte paint. It's also got the same dimensions as The General, complete with a Ball Handle, which you can check out here:

That's all for today! Thanks for tuning in for the update! We thank you for your time and business!

And as always, Happy Digging!

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