Calling All Diggers!

Hey there, Diggers!

Boy, do we have some BIG news for you all!

We've not developed one, two, but THREE new shovels for all your digging needs!

On top of it, you asked for it and we heard you loud and clear! 

Back by popular demand, we are reintroducing the ball-handled Model 41 RICHMOND SHOVEL! You can check that out here:

Of our new shovels, first, we've got Model 64 The Commander! It features a T-handle in our signature blue paint, along with a short, but wide blade! You can check it out here:

Next, we've got a smaller version of the Commander; Model 59 The General! This shovel also features the T-handle in blue with the same type of blade. You can check this shovel out here:

Our third new shovel is Model 59(B) The Pioneer. It's painted in a tan matte paint. It's also got the same dimensions as The General, complete with a Ball Handle, which you can check out here:

That's all for today! Thanks for tuning in for the update! We thank you for your time and business!

And as always, Happy Digging!

To Our International Customers (Part 2)

Hey there, Diggers!

To start, if you haven't checked out the first post we made for international customers, then please go to the following link:

We've been getting a lot of emails about confusion with customs fees. 

We would like everyone to bear in mind that we do not have control over what customs fees your country charges for imported goods. We only charge shipping costs to you and we are not responsible for any duty charges which may be charged to you. Thank you for your business.

Happy Digging!

Mid-Summer Sale and Limited Time Only!

Hey there, Diggers!

Right now, for a limited time, we have our original Little Eagle Model 58 available for purchase! (Please note: This is not the 58 (S), this is the original 58 model, without serrations)

We only have 6 available for purchase and then they are GONE for good!

Be sure to add this original baby to your shovel collection before it's too late!

Check them out here:

And don't forget! We still have our Mid-Summer Sale going! Call in your order to us and get 10% off your order! Note: Shipping costs are added after the discount and the Little Eagle Model 58 is painted in our signature blue!

Get them before they're gone!

And as always, Happy digging!

Mid-Summer Sale!(Phone Orders only) Until August 8th!

Happy Summer, Diggers!

We're having a Mid-Summer Sale for you, our dedicated customers!

Give us a call to place your order instead of placing it online and you will receive a 10% discount off the tool(s) you order! Discount does not apply to items already on sale and does not apply to shipping costs.

Predatortools - (856) 455-3790

Thank for being our loyal customers! Happy Digging!


4th of July Sale!

Hey there, diggers!

Our Father's Day sale is over, but 4th of July is just around the corner!

This year's Fourth of July Sale will include $10 off the Intrepid, and $5 off two of our new shovels, The Ladybug and the Little MAC!

Sale starts tomorrow, June 22nd, and lasts until midnight July 5th! Be sure to take advantage of these dirty deals!

Happy digging!

Little MAC and Father's Day

Introducing the Mighty And Compact: the Little MAC- Model 77

A light-weight and easy to carry tool! You can stick it in your backpack or even on your belt. It only weighs 2.5 lbs! Great to handle and is superb at scooping dirt and soils. Be sure to check it out! It's introductory price is only $59.95!

Also, don't forget about our Father's Day sale!

$10 off of our piranhas! It ends at midnight right after the holiday, so make sure to take advantage of it!

Thanks everyone and,  as always,  happy digging! 

To Our International Shoppers

Hey there, Diggers!

We just wanted to inform everyone we have started using a different international shipping service called "Webinterpret" through Paypal, specifically for our customers outside the United States. This is how it works: When you purchase through our Webinterpret site, it will display the cost of our products in the currency for the country you select. The order then displays to us. When we prepare the order for shipment, we first ship it to Folcraft, PA, and from there, it is shipped to you, the customer. On average, it takes about 14 business days to arrive to you.

If you choose to purchase through Paypal checkout, there will two amounts. The first is the amount of the tool plus the amount of money it costs for us to ship it to Webinterpret services, and the second amount will be labeled "international shipping" . This service saves our international customers money more than if they were to order from us directly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at

If you would rather order from us directly, that is more than fine too.

Below is an example of our international version of our website.

Thanks, everyone!

Happy digging!

Father's Day Sale!

Hey there, diggers!

Father's Day Sale started and will end on the 19th of June, the day after Father's Day. 

Be sure to surprise Grandpa or your own father with a discounted Piranha! $10 off through Father's Day!

Also, keep in mind, we offer a military discount, with proof provided, but it does not combine with this sale. Military discount is  now 10% off the tool(s) bought and it does not affect shipping cost. 

Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns! 

Happy digging!

Introducing The Ladybug!

A new tool has been created, tested, and produced called The Ladybug! This is a brand new tool designed by Pamela Lesche. Be sure to check it out

You may have noticed that the shipping rates have changed. This is because the postal service cost has increased and we have only just adjusted the rates shipments to be region based. We have done our best to even out the costs of postage because it's been costing us too much money to charge a flat rate, unfortunately.

We've also added the ability for our customers to create an account with our website, so now you can save your information for any future purchase if you so choose.

Thank you very much for your continued support and business. If it weren't for you, our customers, we wouldn't be here today.

Happy Digging from all of us at Predatortools!

Confederate Notes are here!

Hey there, diggers!

We've got a whole lot of stock on confederate notes now, and there is more to come! 

Every one of them includes shipping price in the price posted, and as always, we use priority mail to ship them right to your door! 

All of them are different, so feel free top look around and be sure to read about Confederate money history right on the page, which you can find here:

Thank you to all our customers for your dedication to us and, as always, happy digging from all of us here! 

- Predatortools Staff